[TYPO3] What is better? Realurl or Coolurl?

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Sun Jul 22 19:40:24 CEST 2007

Hi Jan, Christian,Ries,Elmar and all others in this list

Yes Jan no problem Here are the links

Jan is describing in his Thesis very entirey and detaled all features
(starting Page 19ff) which have been available when Cooluri was first
released publicly. It would be nice to get something similar from RealUrl.
Perhaps the Initiator of RealUrl or Kasper could help Dimitry to get
something similar  online. Also all other RealUrl Supporters/Users/ and of
course RealUrlSupplement Suppliers as there are so many similar and
different realurl supplements available in TER and they could help Dimitry
to get the Tutorial and detailed Documentation of RealUrl Online - so we
really can compare CoolUri and RealUrl.

This is the Link to the Tutorial I started to write about CoolUri - Stand
Version 0.8
Some of the newest features aren't in by now like:

   - "delete" a pathsegment from showing up in the URL if it is in the
   middle with a simple click in "Edit PageHeader Menu"
   - .html endings
   - how to use the speaking URL Field from RealUrl i.e. when converting
   to CoolUri
   - the maxpagesegments feature to accomplish i.e. seo-friendly only one
   level for all URLs but more flexible the alias or index.php?id=
   - how to work with dbal using cooluri
   - ...

I guess thats it more or less - or Jan?
So ifyou want to compare the features of cooluri start reading Page 19 and
following pages in Jan Thesis and the Tutorial and add the just mentioned
features (Tutorial will follow)

A detailed Case Study about Cooluri in Multidomain Sourroundings will be
available in about 3 months.
Perhaps somebody could post a Case Study about RealUrl - if possible in
Multidomain Surroundings too.

Then take realURL and look into the mentioned wiki
and compare its features

Hava look at RealUrl Manual
check its features

You could also compare the Changelogs starting in 2003 or before by Martin
Poelstra and then March 2004 by Kaspar Skarhoij and laterone by Dimitry:
or the Todo's
and what has been realised - since/when/fixed - with which results

All above might help to make a good Decision about RealUrl or CoolUri
I personally would suggest the following for you and I have done it like
this as I used for years realUrl and am now using CoolUri on PHP5 Sites:

   1. take the extension you could better understand, especially how to
   rewrite the paths as you will need this often
   2. gives you more usable and detailed information,
   3. even ask for possible support thru the developer(s) and
   4. which of course has got the features you are needing for your
   specific site.

If you are using also other Webapplications you could ask also

   1. about the features Cooluri or RealUrl is giving for them -

   - as I know Cooluri could work with many other Applications too -
      not only TYPO3 and this would reduce your workload immensly.
      Perhaps Jan can give here further and better information first

At the moment there is only one question where you don't have to compare

   - if you have only php4 take realurl - you don't have to read much
   further if you also wanna stay mith max. TYP03 4.#  for lifetime!


If you wanna upgrade to PHP5 or perhaps even to TYPO3 5.+ Then read it, so
you are prepared and can make a good decision for your future

TYPO3 will stop supporting PHP4 in February, 5th 2008

I hope this will help all who wanna get informed about

   - Searchengine Friendly URLs with TYPO3
   - Flexibility in Rewriting and managing URLs
   - Reusability of URL Rewriting Methods with other webapplications then

The Extensions itself

   - RealURL
   - CoolUri

and their

   - Thesis
   - Case Studies
   - Manuals
   - Tutorials
   - Developer Support
   - Community Support

and more


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