[TYPO3] CoolUri & SQL engine parse ERROR

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Fri Jul 20 16:01:07 CEST 2007


> tx_realurl_pathsegment varchar( 30 ) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL ,
> );

Table pages alredy exists. So you can't create it. But when you pass 
this SQL command to Typo3 it changes it to ALTER TABLE therefore it's OK 
to use it in ext_tables.sql, but you can't use it directly in db query.

> If i copy the sql-statements without the realurl-part, it wil be ok: The 
> tables "link_cache" and "link_oldlinks" are now in my database.
> The EM shows me the same error like in my first post when i install the 
> ext.

As I've said - the problem isn't with MySQL version or PHP version. The 
problem is with some installed extension which forces Typo3 to parse SQL 
commands (just like Dbal does, but you don't use Dbal).

> My extensions list:

I'm certain that the problem is with an extension, but I can't tell 
which one. I've installed about 10 from your list, which in my opinion 
could cause the trouble, but it's still working.

Here's what you could do and I'll have to add it to the manual. The 
problem is, that now the installation is more complicated than RealURL's 
;) (only if there's the problem):

1) Run this SQL command from phpMyAdmin:

ALTER TABLE pages ADD tx_realurl_pathsegment varchar(30) NOT NULL 
default '';

+ CREATE tables if not created already

2) Delete ext_tables.sql file

3) Configure the extension as usual


Jan Bednarik
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