[TYPO3] CoolUri & SQL engine parse ERROR

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Fri Jul 20 10:15:06 CEST 2007

> Thanks for your answer, Jan.


> but i'm not using dbal.....
> It's deactivated and i nevver had activated it before.

No even AdoDB? That's strange, I've encountered this error only with 
Dbal + AdoDb.

> I changed the system to php5 and restored the installation.
> Could this be a problem?

Nope. You see, parseFieldDef is a function in Typo3 core (or Dbal ext) 
which parses SQL commands and it doesn't accept TIMESTAMP or DATETIME 
types as valid ones.

I'm gonna check what's new in 4.1.2 as I've tested it only with 4.1.1.

Jan Bednarik
www.bednarik.org - web about Typo3 in czech

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