[TYPO3] title and metatags first in header

Henrik Andersen - CONFERO ha at confero.dk
Wed Jul 18 00:12:32 CEST 2007

I agree. The title should come right after the meta charset.

But where do you control where the rest of the header is rendered? 

fx the link relations to stylesheets and the default typo3 text in the headercode. 


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On 7/17/07, Henrik Andersen - CONFERO <ha at confero.dk> wrote:
> Hi Christopher


> If the general opinion of the rendering order in the header doesn't matter, it would be nice to render the title first. And after that the meta tags. Then I believe more people would use TYPO3.


This is the one place it does matter. Language encoding information
(if any) must come before the title element--otherwise, the browser
has no way of knowing how to render the title.

Christopher Torgalson
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