[TYPO3] Blank Front End

Thomas Kirsch tom at nospam.com
Tue Jul 17 02:23:32 CEST 2007

Hi ries,

There were no errors displayed.  In desperation I switched to PHP5 and voila 
everything went back to normality.   So far, the only minor problem is that 
RealURL was wiped out. 

Thanks for your suggestion though.

> Dear Customer,
> I just wanted to say hi, and to see how things are going. I haven't
> heard back from you yet and I was wondering if there are any updates
> on the service request.
> Thanks.
> Sincerely,
> Tom Zhang
> Microsoft Online Support
> Mthe environment has changed.
> Turn on errors (display_errors) to see if you get any error.
> Ries
> On Jul 16, 2007, at 4:48 PM, Thomas Kirsch wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> Badly need help.  I'm running T3 4.1.1.
>> T3 was working okay for many months.  It's a new site not published
>> yet,
>> even the access is password restricted at server level.  Today I
>> was working
>> as usual at the Back End and suddenly the Front End vanished (the
>> browser
>> shows a blank page and the source is empty).
>> At the Back End:
>> View menu returns a blank pane
>> Doc menu returns a blank pane
>> Ext Manager returns a blank pane
>> DB check returns a blank pane
>> Install shows nothing wrong.  Template is okay too.
>> At the Back End the tree looks normal.  I'm able to select any
>> record which
>> is displayed okay at the right pane, I´m also able to move records
>> (drag
>> and drop).  However if I click any button at the right pane, let's
>> say the
>> "Edit page properties" button, the right pane goes blank.
>> At the DB I have noted that all RealURL entries vanished, other
>> than that
>> it seems to be okay.
>> Any help to troubleshoot will be very appreciated?
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