[TYPO3] Blank Front End

Thomas Kirsch tom at nospam.com
Mon Jul 16 23:48:49 CEST 2007

Hello guys,

Badly need help.  I'm running T3 4.1.1.  
T3 was working okay for many months.  It's a new site not published yet, 
even the access is password restricted at server level.  Today I was working 
as usual at the Back End and suddenly the Front End vanished (the browser 
shows a blank page and the source is empty).

At the Back End:

View menu returns a blank pane
Doc menu returns a blank pane
Ext Manager returns a blank pane
DB check returns a blank pane

Install shows nothing wrong.  Template is okay too.

At the Back End the tree looks normal.  I'm able to select any record which 
is displayed okay at the right pane, I´m also able to move records (drag 
and drop).  However if I click any button at the right pane, let's say the 
"Edit page properties" button, the right pane goes blank.  

At the DB I have noted that all RealURL entries vanished, other than that 
it seems to be okay.  

Any help to troubleshoot will be very appreciated?

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