[TYPO3] Removing only automated html comments, output others

Benjamin Todd b.todd at emnet.co.uk
Mon Jul 16 12:46:10 CEST 2007

Hi Edwin,

To remove the ugly Typo3 comments you need to put this TypoScript in
your page template:

# Stop output of content element comment limiters
page.config.disablePrefixComment = 1

Extra extensions are not needed once this line is added.


Ben :)

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Typo3 by default outputs a lot of ugly HTML comment code. To remove 
this, I use the Source Optimization extension, which removes all HTML 
comments in the <body>. It works great, but the problem is that I need 2

empty HTML comments in my output for my layout (to tell IE that a 
particular div is actually empty..). These get removed too.

Is there any way to force these particular HTML comment to by outputted?

   I hope someone is able to share some thoughts on this..

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