[TYPO3] T3CON07 pricing and people from low payed countries..

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Fri Jul 13 15:54:05 CEST 2007

Hi Joh

> The T3CON first was planned to be a "Snowboardtour without snow" to
> get rid of those hundreds of nerds that only came there to step on the
> nerves of a core developer or even Kasper himself.
> On the other hand there was the T3 Association who desperately needed
> sponsoring to make the core developers keep up the good work and
> concentrate on the important stuff.
> Maybe you remember the famous: "Free as in free speech, not as in free
> beer"?

First of all Joh - Who is missing the point? A SnowboardTour without Snow?
Hundreds of Nerds? CoreDevelopers Freedom? Kasper would be the last casting
out people from low paid countries if he believes in Christ like he always
said - and I believe he does believe in him!

A Community is something totally different! The idea of Open Source won't
even fit with your ideas! Talking about your core developers - even THEY
can't attend the conference because it is to expensive - Or do you wanna
cast out Dimitry who does a BRILLIANT JOB with TemplaVoila - since he has
taken over the lead role it is WORKING and it is USABLE! People like it now
more and more!

Sorry but I don't know who those other 12 apostels are in the core team. I
guess that they - as Ries already said - have good and well paid jobs and
are SPEAKERS by Default! which means FREE living thru the conference - its a
well paid HOLIDAY I guess, if it is a snowboard without snow. What about
TYPO3 Conference without TYPO3 - without people from all around the world?
What about community - TYPO3 seems to get more and more SNOBBY and I only
can hope that either people from other countries then Germany get together
and build up an ALTERNATIVE REAL COMMUNITY EVENT and that valuable and
potential TYPO3 Clients or even big Companies realize that they should
support this alternative events.

We already do FREE Conferences here in ASIA as everybody knows who is
reading T3N and looking into some Forums. There are ways to get this
working. FREE Conferences means that still the people have to pay for their
hotel and travelcosts but they don't have to pay additional fees to speakers
as all Invited people - including myself were willing to talk by free as
every speaker was also a participant in another talk. But anyway even we
received at the end all a small THANKYOU what we appreciated to cover
traveling costs and hotel costs.

By the way our last Conference here in Thailand was attended by people from
all around Asia.

To reduce those costs for people from abroad it would be also an idea to
give them a place to stay for the time of the conference at your home. i.e.
I as a Trainer reduced the costs while staying with a pastor. We do this
here all the time to avoid high costs for visitors who don't earn BIG money
and brought all their knowledge to us.

The Karlsruhe UserGroup is quite big and I guess also one of the wealthiest
at all. Think about it and host a guest! You will meet nice friends from
foreing countries and for sure make best contacts which are good even for
later buiness.

OUTCASTING like you are describing it isn't what a community needs. They
also don't need a snowboard (which is also very expensive by the way) and
then without snow. Let's do TYPO3 WITH TYPO3 which means let people from low
wages countries in - or even INVITE them as speakers about TYPO3 in theit
countries and then discuss how YOU the community could help them to make
TYPO3 even better in their Countries!

> lets raise the prices to a very high level to get more
> money for the assocation. If people from this region are really interested
> TYPO3 they will pay those prices (since they earn enough money to do so)
> and this is profit for all of the TYPO3 users, since it will guarantee the
> further development of TYPO3.

Sorry but this is called "Milchmaedchen Rechnung" in Germany as I know! If
the association needs money they don't need expensive hotels. Especially in
Karlsrue are very good and CHEAPER places as I told before - Places which
could even host 4000 - 5000 people and more.

> Most of the core developers are living in countries with high wages
> so they definitely need more money than a low paid worker in Thailand.

Absolutly wrong calculation! It won't matter if a Core developer from
Thailand or any other country with HIGH or with LOW wages has to book a
flight or a hotel or the conference itself. The prices are unfortunately the
same! That's why we are having this Threads here from people who worry about
the needs of those low paid developers and people.

> Without the income of the T3CON i.e. there would be no V5-Team.

I am not sure about that because then probabbly somebody from India would be
happy to do the work or from Russia or from Czech Republic. There are pretty
good developers like Jan Bednarik, Dimitry, and in India TYPO3 is growing
with very excellent Developers!!! The Association could reduce costs a lot
to let them join the Core Team! Perhaps you could even have a V10 Team and
Development could grow faster and better.

How much is a V5 Member making a month? Would be interesting to know! Are
they full time - doing no other webdevelopment which brings additional
money? There was Luther who critised the "ABLASS HANDEL" And he was right.

"If you don't pay us your bugs will never be resolved. If you have produced
a bug pay and the bug will be forgiven. ... Inofficially: Lets build us some
new CoreHomes!"

Perhaps we need in the TYPO3 Community another LUTHER? A conference to fill
pockets of developers? This isn't the right way! Sorry JoH! I thought
conferences are there to do exchange between people, to build up contacts
and last but not least to meet new people, to meet friends and especially in
OpenSource Projects like TYPO3 where a "christian idea in the background of
his first developer" brought up this community - it would be to meet the
GLOBAL Community, beyond religious, political, sexual and rassial borders.

As now all those who can afford high prices have booked and the filled
pockets of the developers are secured wouldn't it simply be a very good
thing to stream the complete conference online. If you are fearing that then
the people from Germany won't come anymore then you could block streaming
the event in Germany (but would be unfair - or?)
People all around the world could participate - OK they need to get up
earlieror stay up longer but thats, what we really can't change when doing
it live as the world is still round :-)

enjoy the day Good night!
TYPO3 for ALL seems to be far away if people think like you wrote it. The
next step might be to build in additional barricades in the software itself
by the so called CORE Members to avoid concurrencies.

> this is what it's all about.

Money Money Money - for WHOM >>> NOT FOR THE COMMUNITY - The majority of the
community is using extensions from developers who are NOT member of the CORE
Team I guess!

> But what about this: You could setup a yearly event that came up
to discussion from time to > time - T3DIVE. It would be the hot and wet
counterpart to the snowboard tour and I think
> Thailand would be a perfect location for it. So maybe this could be some
possibility for your
> people to get

Yeah there is this idea and it is still there, I brought it in the
discussion and even wrote about this idea in T3N but until now only a few
people responded. As we are a simple FAMILY and not an ASSOCIATION we have
to calculate with other risks here (financially). So we (our family) decided
to invite developers to our home first to build it up slowly, but if people
reading here would be interested the T3Dive could start in 2008 (even End
2007) Please drop us a note.

> If you will be able to not call it the "WEC-CoolUrl-Diving-Tour" I guess
> many people would be interested SCNR ;-)

Sorry but I am not WEC and as the name says it would be T3Dive Dschungle and
Adventour Camp. 1 Week intensive Exchange about TYPO3 in the Evenings and
during the day lots offun under water, snorkeling, kanuing, climbing,
dschunglewalks and more. Have a look to Georg Ringers rggooglemap and
rgsmoothgallery examples he was just here and made loads of pictures.
http://www.rggooglemap.com/thailand.html click on the days/menu on the lower
left side.

But T3Con - thats what I think - should be the MAIN Event and therefore
people from all around the world should be able to attend it. If You need a
fundraising for the CORE members then do a Rally thru those BIG12 companies
which grew big THRU the TYPO3 Community and which are still growing! Have a
look to T3N Magazine and you will know there addresses! Get them involved -
NOT with Hosting or setting up a side or something similar - i.e. being a
SPEAKER at T3Con. This would also be good and a chance to get them back and
more involved in the TYPO3 Community.

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