[TYPO3] tt_news 2.5.0 not showing any link in FE

Saurabh Pareek saurabh at srijan.in
Fri Jul 13 10:28:24 CEST 2007


Thanks for the response.
Actually I m talking about the RTE content which get displayed on Single 
view page. We generally put the news description in RTE but any link 
defined in RTE is not showing in FE  but its there in the BE. I m so 
confused and still not able to find the reason of this problem whether 
this problem is because of tt_news or rtehtmlarea or typo3 4.1.1 or any 
other issue.. :-(  ..What you say?

> Hi,
> The links are not working in List View? If yes, then it's normal, remember 
> that the text is cropped with "...", There is a posibility to enable links, 
> but You also have to disable cropping, becouse of strange things may happen 
> :)
> Regards
> Pawel Stanislawczuk
> Uzytkownik "Saurabh Pareek" <saurabh at srijan.in> napisal w wiadomosci 
> news:mailman.8239.1184311477.29892.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
>> Hi list !!
>> I am using Typo3 4.1.1, rtehtmlarea 1.5.2 and tt_news 2.5.0. The problem 
>> is that whenever I define a link on any text in RTE while creating tt_news 
>> in any folder, no link get displayed in FE. However, the links are 
>> properly saved in BE. I checked the RTE source and found that the link 
>> tags(<a>) are properly created and saved. Then why its not showing any 
>> link in FE ?
>> Thanks in Advance,
>> Saurabh 
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