[TYPO3] Sitemap of subtree

Christian Lerrahn typo3 at penpal4u.net
Fri Jul 13 01:22:24 CEST 2007

this question has been asked before but I have never seen a
satisfactory answer. I would like to use a 'Sitemap/Menu' content
element to create a map of a subtree. Now the problem is that 'Sitemap'
will always default to the whole tree (from the closest root node, I
presume). If I use 'Menu of subpages' I only get one level. I've tried
to configure either of these through TS but have not been successful so
far. As an experienced TYPO3 user, I have to say that everything around
this element has always been totally unintuitive to me and I can't stop
wondering why things here are the way they are.


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