[TYPO3] T3CON07 pricing and people from low payed countries..

Mario Matzulla mario.melanie at arcor.de
Thu Jul 12 19:07:39 CEST 2007

Hi Dimitry, hi list
Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> Hi!
> ries van Twisk wrote:
>> I called the Queens hotel and there first day rate was 107 euro, there 
>> second
>> and third day fees where 80 euros, to expensive if you ask me for 
>> these people.
>> However I did found hotels for 40 (bahnhofstrasse) and 60(Acora) 
>> euro's which
>> I think can be a good alternative for the people. Thanks to somebody 
>> on the #typo3 IRC channel.
>> Of course we cannot pay there hotels for them,  However i think it can 
>> be possible to
>> dramatically lower the fees of the event itself.
> I would not be able to attend it either. My country is in EU, taxes and 
> prices are just like in Germany but salaries much less. I had some 
> troubles getting to t3dd07 due to financing and even do not think about 
> ty3con - I just cannot afford two events in a year due to prices. May be 
> big companies do but I cannot. There is even no discount for core team 
> anymore. I possibly will skip all futher typo3 events - too expensive 
> for me :(
That would be a great pity :(

I think there should be a discount, maybe based on the BigMac-Index?


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