[TYPO3] entryLevel problem

T. R. Noest t.noest at noestnet.nl
Thu Jul 12 19:07:39 CEST 2007

Hi List,

I have something strange going on with my menu. I have the following page  
structure ( (54) = page id ):

ThomasTest(54) ( rootpage with all root and clear-checks set )
   - Home(84)
       - Standard Template (71)( clears constants and setup )
           - Subpage 1 (87)
           - Subpage 2 (85)
           - Subpage 3 (86)

The "standard template" page is merely a placeholder for the template, and  
at first I made it of type "not in menu". After reading that that option  
is deprecated I changed the pagetype back to "standard", and used the "not  
in menu" checkbox.

I first started making the menu(s) in the "Standard template" because that  
one will be used for all site-pages except the home page.

The top menu stays the same so I made that with two HMENU/TMENU using  
different entrylevels for them:

#  entryLevel = 0	default is 0
   1 = TMENU
   1.maxItems = 1
   1.NO = 1
   1.NO {
     linkWrap = <td class="LxTopMenu1"> | </td>
     ATagParams = class="LxTM1a"

   temp.TOPNAVT {
   entryLevel = 2
   1 = TMENU
   1.NO = 1
   1.NO {
     linkWrap = <td class="LxTopMenu1"> | </td>
     ATagParams = class="LxTM1a"

This gives me:

"Home" "Subpage 1"  "Subpage 2"  "Subpage 3"

great, this one also shows on the subpages, just as I want it, now what is  
the problem?

Today I started making the Home page template. It has (technicaly) an  
identical menu. So I copy/pasted above TS into the home-template. Only the  
one with entrylevel 0 works as expected. The menu with entrylevel 2 gives  
me nothing!

I suspected the "not in menu" option to break things, so I put it off and  
cleared all cache. So now "standard template" is a regular page.

But again; nothing.

So I tried entryLevel=1 for the second menu-part. That works as expected:

"Home"  "Standard Template"

but entrylevel 2,3,4 don't. Also entrylevel "-1" gives the same menu as  

So, for some reason the rootline seems broken, but that is not reflected  
in the templates or the template analyzer.
After "Standard Template" there's only extension templates wich change  
constants and in "Standard Template" I set css_styled_content. From the  
page id's you can see that some pages have been juggled around, but that  
should not pose a problem, shouldn't it?

All pages have the caching put off in the page module.

I'am on Typo3 4.04 on a linux hostingplan from typotycoon.nl

any suggestions?

regards, Thomas

Thomas Noest
Mondriaanstraat 83
8918DL Leeuwarden
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