[TYPO3] real url - multiple domains

PEF xx at xx.xx
Thu Jul 12 11:25:05 CEST 2007

Could be the obvious solution - but no, i didn't solved the problem.

I have tried to hide the alias domains, so that I only work with two 
itk-intern-ny (page 1) and info-ny (page 168) - one for each pagePath.

still no solution


Dmitry Dulepov skrev:
> Hi!
> PEF wrote:
>> There are domain records for both domains and they resides on page 1 
>> and page 168 as they should.
> <skip>
>> I've also tried this minimized version - still with no luck:
> If you are working in multidomain environment, you should use second 
> way. RealURl works differently when it detects that there are more than 
> one entry in configuration. Your original configuration has only one 
> entry, thus realurl does not think it runs in multidomain mode.
> Try your short configuration but with all domain names (without _DEFAULT).

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