[TYPO3] Install tool, IIS and cookies

Fred hamel at urbansecurity.org
Wed Jul 11 12:31:25 CEST 2007


I have a great problem with my Typo3.

I word on a  windows 2000 dedicated server
- IIS et framework .net (ASP.NET / MS-SQL for some sites)
- PHP 4.3.6
- MySQL 4.0.18

One site is working with the CMS SPIP without any problems.

My problem is : I can't do anything with Internet Explorer 6.
I tried to install a new quickstart 3.8.1 but my install tool keeps 
displaying me the alert and asks for the password.
On my other websites (installed with firefox) I can't access to my 
pretected pages nor to the backend.

I configured IE to accept javascript and cookies, and it works fine on 
the SPIP site and on local.
When I make a infophp() on my server I can't see any informations about 
cookies nor sessions whereas I have no problems with Firefox.
When I make infophp() on my local website (easyphp) I have no problems too.

I don't thing IE is the reason, but it seems like typo3 can't generate 
cookies for IE.

I'd be greatfull if someone could help.

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