[TYPO3] real url - multiple domains

Tomas Mrozek mail at cascaval.com
Wed Jul 11 12:04:52 CEST 2007

> that generates URLs like .../course/leadership/. Is there a way how to 
> get rid of the "/course"?

I'm might not be the right person to talk about RealURL settings since 
Dmitry watches the thread and can answer himself but...

You would have to use fixedPostVars instead of postVarSets. The drawback 
is that you have to specify each page that handles the parameter 

> [flame]
> In CoolURI this would be really simple, like:
>     <part>
>       <parameter>course_id</parameter>
>       <lookindb>
>         <to>SELECT title FROM tx_jbcourses_course WHERE uid=$1</to>
>         <urlize>1</urlize>
>       </lookindb>
>     </part>
> :P
> [/flame]

I wouldn't like to enter any flame and I certainly don't want to judge 
these extensions. As soon as I have some free time I will give the 
CooolURI a try and I will read your thesis.

But meanwhile I will use this thread to ask how the extension handles 
some things.

Site structure:
  |- "cool" page
  |   |- "real" page
  |   |- "another real" page
  |- "another cool" page

The page "cool" displays news but has also a subpage called "real". The 
news have a cool url like this: www.domain.com/cool/news_title/

What would happen if someone created a news with the title "real"?
What would get displayed? The news with the title "real" or the subpage 
with the title "real"?

Tomas Mrozek

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