[TYPO3] Problem with domain record

Pawel Stanislawczuk ps at todesign.pl
Wed Jul 11 11:59:59 CEST 2007


I see it's great when starting a new webpage, but I think I've already 
messed that up.
How can I quickly reapir that?

Will google delete the domain "domain.com" from index when I will use the 
default redirect from domain record in typo3 BE?

Pawel Stanislawczuk

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Hi Pawe

You can easily accomplish what you are writing about. I wrote a tutorial
about how to do it here:

Then your domains are redirecting 301 an without any doubled content
We are using jb_status_code and cooluri for this task (need PHP5)
If you are facing problems to get this running drop me a line on my mail so
I can help you!

Afterwards to get be sure you can also use the google webmastertools.


2007/7/11, Pawe³ Stanis³awczuk <ps at todesign.pl>:
> Hi List,
> I've recently using typo3 made a new page of a company. Wanted to have
> main
> domain as: www.domain.com, so when users paste in their browsers
> domain.com
> they would be redirected to www.domain.com. For redirection I've used the
> domain record in typo3 BE.
> I don't know why but I've lost indexing of domain.com in google, also when
> I
> search in google "domain", google don't want to find www.domain.com
> All the new pages are indexed. When I search in google www.domain.com it
> returns all the pages from www.domain.com
> But when i search in google "domain.com" it never shows.
> Is it possible to loose indexing in google when using whe domain record?
> Maby there was a mistake when the domains were redirected to enw serwer?
> Why do domain.com and www.domain.com got so separated?
> Regards
> Pawe³ Stanis³awczuk
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