[TYPO3] T3CON07 pricing and people from low payed countries..

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Tue Jul 10 15:49:35 CEST 2007

Hi all Here

Ries you are absolutly right. It is not only the much to high price of the
conference which makes it not affordable for people outside Germany,
Netherlands, Sweden ... and similar HIGH PRICE Countries it is also the
airfare and the living costs during a stay.

Prices are an instrument to controle EDUCATION and to controle also his own
interests of those making prices. i.e. an educated TYPO3 Developer from a
lowsallary country could probbaly make even much cheaper prices then in
Europe! We have in Thailand the similar Problem. Teachers are earning 100
Euro a month for 10 months a year. Developers if they are lucky perhaps
about 150 Euro for 12 months working 7 days a week. Even Farangs
(Foreigners) earn only about 500 Euro a month and have to pay for visa
workpermit and higher farang-prices for themselves.

To go to all those nice TYPO3 Events and Conferences you really need BIG
money! And I don't think this is gonna change in near future! That's why I
started i.e. here in Thailand an initiative to invite developers to Thailand
and some already payed themselves for the trip to come here. They stay free
in our house (it is only a little one but it is working) They help us
getting other Asian people getting trained in TYPO3 and they go home with a
lot of experiences and valuable expertises. In groups of 10- 50 People you
can even discuss and workout things better then on a conference.

TYPO3 is OpenSource but not working WithOutMoney or EmptyPockets. Don't
worry to much about the high prices I am pretty sure that developers would
really like to come to Ecuador beside Thailand to present their Extensions
and to get people Trained or to get TYPO3 bst known in those Countries who
really NEED OpenSource Products.

Scholarships would be a fine idea for privileged receiving the scholarships.
Most likely they work afterwards in a western country instead of helping
their own people to get trained. There really must be better ways! Ideas

What about Video Conferencing? People all around the world could follow the
T3CON07 for free! Questions could be posted via Chat. We had such a nice
setting at our 2 last international Elearning Conferences here in Thailand.
The Rajaprajanugroh Schools - about 48 in Thailand - are even holding
complete lessons via satellite - communication via fax (for those schools
who have no internet) and Internet for those who have it. It is working
pretty fine. To set it up would be much cheaper and more effectfull then
scholarships and it would reach ALL Countries.

Last but not least: If nothing happens like this to help our TYPO3
developers in our countries, why don't get into contact how WE could get an
knowledge exchange or even an "online" conference up and going with LOW
payed.countries. I think we even would find lots of supporters for the idea
of an real international "online" conference.


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