[TYPO3] Some different headers

Fred hamel at urbansecurity.org
Tue Jul 10 15:40:52 CEST 2007

If you'r dealing about CSS style it's not a problem, in fact it's what 
gave me the idea of using header's layout for my purpoose.
I want to use them just to write a texte "read more..." that will link 
to an internal page. But next to it I'd like to insert the php script I 
used with my menu to display flags if translations exists.
I'm trying to modify this :
lib.stdheader.stdWrap.dataWrap = <div class="csc-header">|</div>
lib.stdheader.10.1.fontTag = <h1>|</h1>

by "playing" with the wrap or the fontTag.
I guess it can be done with the tag, I manage to write the uid by adding 
it like that : {field:uid}but couldn't I add wrap it or add it inside 
with a syntax with something like linkwrap or before.data.
I tried to do like that :
lib.stdheader.10.1.fontTag {
10 = html
10.value = <h1>
20 = html
20.value = |</h1>
and it did work, but I'm not sure of the method.
Jan Bednarik a écrit :
>> My problem, now, is I'd like to develop this technic a bit more, to 
>> insert a php script inside this header, for exemple, and moreover I'd 
> For such purpose you'd need to create your own header type as a 
> extension (maybe there is such already).
>> like to know if (and how) it's possible to design several headers 
>> depending on the "type" selector.
> You can "restyle" all 6 (or 5) types of headers. Just change a number 
> in the TS you've posted (use Object browser).

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