[TYPO3] Error in Object Browser

Jeppe Donslund jd at webmasters.dk
Tue Jul 10 11:40:11 CEST 2007

In an effort to show a little images after text in text-elements I got 
this code from Troels Rasmussen.

tt_content.text.20.innerWrap.cObject = CASE 
tt_content.text.20.innerWrap.cObject {
        100 = TEXT
        100.value = | <img src="billede.jpg" alt="dit billede" 
title="sit billede" width="100px" />

But when I insert it in my template I get an error in the Object Browser.

Errors and warnings
1:    Line 3253: An end brace is in excess.

How can that be?

Jeppe D.

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