[TYPO3] T3CON07 pricing and people from low payed countries..

ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Tue Jul 10 00:54:35 CEST 2007

Hey Virgil,

thank you for your comment.

I think it's not only people from latin america, but also in Europe
there  are quite a number of developers that simply cannot pay
entry fees.

I called the Queens hotel and there first day rate was 107 euro,  
there second
and third day fees where 80 euros, to expensive if you ask me for  
these people.
However I did found hotels for 40 (bahnhofstrasse) and 60(Acora)  
euro's which
I think can be a good alternative for the people. Thanks to somebody  
on the #typo3 IRC channel.

Of course we cannot pay there hotels for them,  However i think it  
can be possible to
dramatically lower the fees of the event itself.


On Jul 9, 2007, at 5:20 PM, virgil huston wrote:

> I would donate something to help fund a scholarship, I am sure  
> others would,
> too. For someone from Ecuador, this would be a very expensive trip all
> round.
> Virgil Huston
> On 7/7/07, Uschi Renziehausen <typo3news at otherone.de> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> if there is one thing about T3, it is it's huge international  
>> community
>> and I think, Ries is right: The price for T3CON07 is far to high for
>> people coming from countries with low wages, and it is important that
>> they are 'enabled to communicate'.
>> There is a special rate for students, so why not for those ppl.  
>> Perhaps
>> there could be a special funding for that? I would be inspired to  
>> share
>> and give my 5 cents, and I guess there will be a lot more people.
>> Regards, Uschi
>> ries van Twisk wrote:
>>> Hey All,
>>> I am sure this is not the right list but I am looking for the
>>> people that organizes T3CON07.
>>> I know at least one guy/girl (this doesn't apply for me)
>>> that really want's to go to T3CON07.
>>> However since she is from Ecuador he/she cannot effort the huge  
>>> western
>>> European prices shown here : http://t3con07.typo3.org/visitors.html
>>> As most of you people know there are really countries (like ecuador)
>>> where hourly rates for professional people can be as low as $5/hour.
>>> And if these people need to pay the amount of money as shown
>>> on the price list they rather go to amsterdam and drink a beer then
>>> go to T3CON07. Also don't forget that there employers will NOT pay
>>> anything for them...
>>> So what I am asking is:
>>> 1) Who are the people I can talk to about this issue for this person
>>> specificly
>>> and hopefully for people from low payed countries. We DO need to do
>>> something for them!
>>> We do NEED these people to T3CONXX !!!
>>> Especially in the spirit of sharing information on a open source
>> project,
>>> I do think it's more then fair for people out of these countries  
>>> to give
>>> a huge discount of at least 75-85%. Or may be depending on some  
>>> salary
>>> standard per country?
>>> Don't forget,  in europe average freelance/company rate is at least
>>> 50-100euro/hour,
>>> in countries like this (Ecuador) and many more countries
>>> you can divide that by 5-10 or more. So I would like to see for  
>>> these
>>> people
>>> the entry rate divided by anything that is reasonable.
>>> I am NOT asking this for myself ,
>>> if I had the time I would go and pay the full fee.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Ries van Twisk
>>> Ecuador
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