[TYPO3] T3CON07 pricing and people from low payed countries..

ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Mon Jul 9 23:02:58 CEST 2007

Hey All,

I am sure this is not the right list but I am looking for the
people that organizes T3CON07.

I know at least one guy/girl (this doesn't apply for me)
that really want's to go to T3CON07.

However since she is from Ecuador he/she cannot effort the huge western
European prices shown here : http://t3con07.typo3.org/visitors.html

As most of you people know there are really countries (like ecuador)
where hourly rates for professional people can be as low as $5/hour.
And if these people need to pay the amount of money as shown
on the price list they rather go to amsterdam and drink a beer then
go to T3CON07. Also don't forget that there employers will NOT pay
anything for them...

So what I am asking is:

1) Who are the people I can talk to about this issue for this person  
and hopefully for people from low payed countries. We DO need to do  
something for them!
We do NEED these people to T3CONXX !!!

Especially in the spirit of sharing information on a open source  
I do think it's more then fair for people out of these countries to give
a huge discount of at least 75-85%. Or may be depending on some  
salary standard per country?

Don't forget,  in europe average freelance/company rate is at least  
in countries like this (Ecuador) and many more countries
you can divide that by 5-10 or more. So I would like to see for these  
the entry rate divided by anything that is reasonable.

I am NOT asking this for myself ,
if I had the time I would go and pay the full fee.

Kind regards,
Ries van Twisk

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