[TYPO3] realURL only loads root page

Adam Harvie aharvie at msf.ca
Mon Jul 9 20:48:06 CEST 2007

Ok, thanks. I've checked the value of those variables - 
$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] always comes out blank (this is true on another 
host as well, where I set up a [working] test install).

$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] always returns '/index.php' on this host, which 
would seem to be the problem. On the test host, it returns the requested 
path successfully.

I've contacted the tech support for our host, and hopefully we'll be 
able to figure out why.

Thanks for the help,

Jan Bednarik wrote:
>> Is there an implicit loading of the supplied path into GET variables? 
>> How is it supplied to the CMS/plugin? The problem I'm running into 
>> definitely seems to be that index.php is receiving an empty path, and 
>> that's why it always defaults to the root page. I'm wondering what 
>> Apache settings I should be asking about when I contact the tech 
>> support people.
> The URI string can be found in $_SERVER array values. Usually from 

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