[TYPO3] RTE in the backend isn't loading - I get a runtime error in IE

dave typo typothree at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 13:49:52 CEST 2007

I've been editing an extension that deals with a RTE in the frontend. I
believe that my editing of it has created an error in the backend.
Specifically, the RTE doesn't load, and I get a runtime error in internet

here's the error that I get:

each is not defined
registerPlugin2("each", [])rtehtmlarea_htmla... (line 64)
setFullHTML()rtehtmlarea_htmla... (line 64)
edHidePopup(1)rtehtmlarea_htmla... (line 176)
[HTMLArea::registerPlugin]: Can't register undefined plugin.");return
false;};var obj=new plugin(this,args);if(obj){var clone={};var
info=plugin._pluginInfo;for(var i in info){clone[i]=info[i];}

however, upon uninstalling the extension, the error still persists.

It also may be a result of a problem with the upgrading from 4.04 to version

Does anyone else have any experience with this, or advice that I could use
to solve this?



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