[TYPO3] mastertemplate

Bernd Wilke xoonsji02 at sneakemail.com
Sun Jul 8 01:09:36 CEST 2007


the TYPO3-UG NRW has finaly finished the mastertemplate.

a base for TYPO3-projects.

it is no ready-to-use construction kit, so it can be enhanced to something
like that.

It will give you the base-typoscript for a CSS-based Website. And like
css-zengarden you can change just the CSS to get your design.

I think every experienced TYPO3-user has build himself something similar,
so this will be mainly for TYPO3-beginners.

and these user can learn something from the mastertemplate. because it is
not just the configuration, but it includes manuals (german and english)
which describe the templates. 

we also hope to spread the structure of building websites with many small
templates instead of one single very big one or extensiontemplates
scattered all over the pagetree.

so have a look at http://ug.typo3-nrw.de/mastertemplate.html

We may extend the mastertemplate by other configurations, to manage a wider
range of jobs without inventing the wheel everytime anew.
suggestions and enhancements welcome.


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