[TYPO3] Unique wrap based on menuitem pid

James Corell jcorell at e-p-c-s.com
Fri Jul 6 22:32:10 CEST 2007

I'd like to be able to apply a unique wrap to a specific page in the menu. I
need it because instead of allowing users to visit the page, the link will
actually fire a POST-submit form. My TMENU code looks like this:

THIS_SITE.menuLeft.1 = TMENU
THIS_SITE.menuLeft.1 {
  expAll = 1
  IFSUB = 1
  IFSUB.doNotLinkIt = 1
  IFSUB.wrapItemAndSub = <div class="menuleft-no1"> | </div>
  NO.wrapItemAndSub = <div class="menuleft-no1"> | </div>

I ought to be able to do something like this:

NO.wrapItemAndSub = <div class="menuleft-no1" onClick="return
submitForm();"> | </div>
NO.wrapItemAndSub.if {
  value = 400
  equals.field = the_name_of_the_variable_that_holds_the_menuitem_pid

and have the wrap only affect PID 400. But what is
"the_name_of_the_variable_that_holds_the_menuitem_pid"? And will this work?

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