[TYPO3] Irfaq - internationalization problem

Ignatius Reilly ignatius.reilly at free.fr
Fri Jul 6 18:35:11 CEST 2007

Not sure it is a bug, missing feature or a misuse, so let me ask for 
advice on this list first.

I have a 2-language site with TV templating (DEF: en, fr)

I have created duplicate Irfaq categories and FAQ items, one for each 
language. All in one same sysfolder.

I have inserted a Irfaq plugin content element on a page, intending to 
show only one category. Page's General Record Storage page was duly 
assigned to the sysfolder.

Now when editing the Irfaq content element there are two panels, one for 
each language. Here I assigned _different_ categories ("English" 
category in the "en" panel, "French" mirror category in the "fr" panel)

However in the FE only the English category will show, irrespective of 
the user-defined FE language.

I have also tried to create a copy for translation for the Irfaq content 
element (although this should not be necessary), and assign different 
categories - to no avail.

Any idea?


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