[TYPO3] very annoying problem: pagetree duplicated in the backend

John Kavanagh john.kavanagh at roomthree.com
Thu Jul 5 18:35:50 CEST 2007



I have a problem with typo3 where the menu is duplicated in the backend
at the same level as the site (globe icon) in the pagetree. This means
that if I click one of the menus the other menu selects the same thing.
It disappears if I export the tree to a .t3d, delete all the pages &
re-import the .t3d, but then the navigation on the front-end disappears.
When I import the .t3d with "Force ALL UIDs values" ticked the front-end
navigation disappears but the the duplicate menu in the backend does

Has anyone had the same problem ?





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