[TYPO3] Indexed Search Starting Point

Sandy Matheson lists at mathesonuk.com
Wed Jul 4 09:46:59 CEST 2007

No replies - and still can't work this out.

I have tried working with plugin.tx_indexedsearch.search.rootPidList
but can't get it working. The whole site search works fine, but the
page where I try to limit using this does not return and results.

Having checked the manual for search.rootPidList:
"A list of integer which should be root-pages to search from. .....
Notice that by "root-page" we mean a website root defined by a
TypoScript Template! If you just want to search in branches of your
site, use the possibility of searching in levels."

I am not sure therefore whether this is the right way as setting
multiple 'root' templates significantly disrupts things like menu
starting points, TemplaVoila temapltes etc.

I would like to know what the manual means by "If you just want to
search in branches of your site, use the possibility of searching in

I have also tried using

This gets closer, but also returns results from other sections at the
same level in other parts of the website. The problem I think here is
that my search page is at the 3rd level:
 - Level 1
  - Level 2
   - Level 3

I think that plugin.tx_indexedsearch._DEFAULT_PI_VARS.sections only
works to level 2.

Any ideas gratefully received.

Sandy Matheson

On Fri, 29 Jun 2007 14:40:38 +0100, Sandy Matheson
<lists at mathesonuk.com> wrote:

>I have just come to update part of our website and discovered that the
>latest verion of Indexed Search (and possibly a number before) no
>longer have the starting point as an option in the plugin. This is
>vital for us as we need the option to search part of our pagetree as
>well as the entire pagetree.
>I have searched the archives of this list and while finding a couple
>of suggestions, nothing that works. I have also checked the latest
>documentation that I can find for Indexed Search and this is still
>showing the Starting Point as on option in the plugin - but it is no
>longer there.
>Can anyone point me in the right direction for limiting the search to
>part of the pagetree?
>With many thanks,
>Sandy Matheson

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