[TYPO3] Shortcut to first subpage produces tree-root error

jcorell at e-p-c-s.com jcorell at e-p-c-s.com
Mon Jul 2 01:55:46 CEST 2007


I am using TYPO3 version 4.0.6, and I am getting the following error:

The requested page didn't have a proper connection to the tree-root!

The tree root looks like this:

  -Home (Shortcut)
   -First page
   -All other pages

Home is a shortcut to "First page" and uses shortcut mode "First  
subpage". If I switch mode to "" (blank) everything works fine, and  
"First page" shows up.

What in the world is causing this? It just happened suddenly. I  
noticed that someone was having a problem with this on the German  
list, but Google's german is rusty and mine is non-existant.

James Corell
jcorell at e-p-c-s.com

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