[TYPO3] problem in sr_feuser_register ext while user editprofile

Stig Kjeldsen sk at itu.dk
Fri Apr 27 10:50:45 CEST 2007

I agree with you Otto.

This can't be right. The same extensions in two different versions, but 
with the same number. This must be a mistake.

Best regards
Stig Kjeldsen

otto at webspinnerij.nl skrev:
> I ran in the same problems with version 2.5.6 and was busy for days when the
> first 2.5.6 was out two months ago. Call it bad luck.
> I cannot understand why with so many bugfixes the version is still called
> 2.5.6 This by itself causes communication problems.
> What are the guidelines to raise a version number?
> There are many extensions where with minor bugfixes and a few typo's being
> fixed a version number is raised.
> Regards,
> Otto
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> Hello
>> I have the same problem.
>> I was upgrading sr_feuser from 2.5.1 to version 2.5.6 (and using typo3
>> vers. 4.1.1) and now the users can't edit there profiles - the fields
>> are empty.
>> I have search the bugtracker, and it seems like the problem was solved
>> with vers. 2.5.6, so perhaps it is my setup....
> You must compare also the date of the extension. After bug fixes it will
> be uploaded under the same version number 2.5.6. Therefore you must
> update the extensions from the extension manager and redownload the same
> version 2.5.6.
> Regards,
> Franz
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