[TYPO3] problem in sr_feuser_register ext while user edit profile

Franz Holzinger franz at fholzinger.com
Fri Apr 27 07:51:49 CEST 2007


> I have the same problem.
> I was upgrading sr_feuser from 2.5.1 to version 2.5.6 (and using typo3
> vers. 4.1.1) and now the users can't edit there profiles - the fields
> are empty.
> I have search the bugtracker, and it seems like the problem was solved
> with vers. 2.5.6, so perhaps it is my setup....
You must compare also the date of the extension. After bug fixes it will
be uploaded under the same version number 2.5.6. Therefore you must
update the extensions from the extension manager and redownload the same
version 2.5.6.



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