[TYPO3] TYPO3 4.1.1 Cannot delete pages

dieter orens reddesertvandriver at gmail.Com
Thu Apr 26 13:38:33 CEST 2007

This happens after I get the warning 'Are you sure you want to delete...'

It seems to be an ajax problem, the error keeps repeating itself every 2 
seconds or so...

dieter orens schreef:
> When trying to delete pages in the page-tree, something strange happens.
> The main frame get re-initialized and I get a javascript error:
> uncaught exception: no permission to read the window.nav_frame property.
> It is a fresh installation and I had no problem like this with Typo3 4.0.4.
> It happens in IE as well as in Firefox.
> Anybody a clue?

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