[TYPO3] Cannot connect to current Database

Mathias Schreiber [TYPO3] mathias at typo3.org
Tue Apr 24 16:00:04 CEST 2007

Tom Coady schrieb:
> I'm seeing "cannot connect to database" error messages with increasing
> frequency since adding favicon to the template - I think i'll take it 
> out to
> see if that makes any difference. It seems to happen randomly or every 
> other
> page.

Yes, this seems to happen because for some reason (and believe me... 
it's not the favicon) your database connection gets lost.
This can be due to server outages or loadbalancers or...or...or...
TYPO3 displays the error whenever it is not able to connect to the 
database, for whatever reason.

> Also I did not know until now that there was an embargo on PNG images - I
> have made a not of that error also on the same page for anyone who's
> interested. - http://rococochocolates.com/error.html

This might be because someone set the "standard" TYPO3 image formats to 
a setting that prohibits PNG.

So again: No embargo, just a "strangely" set up server.

If you're hosting the machine check why you changed the settings in 
localconf.php (use the install tool if you like it better).
If not, ask your ISP why he changed it.


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