[TYPO3] AWStats log stopped growing for one site?

Bing Du bdu at iastate.edu
Tue Apr 24 15:31:35 CEST 2007

> Bing Du
>> I just noticed one log file stopped growing a couple of days ago.  The
>> server still has plenty of disk space available.  The log file stopped
>> growing
> This happens for indexed search if some plugin set cache off.
> Maybe the same reason?
> _______________________________________________

Hm. Yeah, indexed search is impacted by caching off.  But I think logging
is impacted by caching on.  It happened to me that if the page was cached
by firefox, my access to the page wasn't caught in the log file.  What I
got was the cached copy.  That makes sense.  But my access still didn't
show up in the log even if I cleared the cache in FF.  I'll check if this
site uses any special extensions.  How do I know whether or not a plugin
sets cache off?



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