[TYPO3] please help me adapt this code snippet into templavoila. For me it isnt working :(

media.res | alex widschwendter a.widschwendter at mediares.at
Tue Apr 24 13:13:37 CEST 2007

hi dave,

> This snippet was taken from typo3wizard.com, and I am having trouble
> adapting it into templavoila. I figured it would be easy, simply
> changing the temp.gmenulayers to my templavoila mapped portion,
> lib.topMenu.gmenulayers

> and here is the code that I have in my template setup:
> lib.topMenu.gmenulayers = HMENU

i don't thing 2 dots are possible -> try lib.topMenu = HMENU

> and also, where do i place the ever important line:
> page.includeLibs.gmenu_layers = media/scripts/gmenu_layers.php
> I put it in the typoscript template setup.

should be fine!

hth alex

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