[TYPO3] AWStats log stopped growing for one site?

Bing Du bdu at iastate.edu
Mon Apr 23 21:32:14 CEST 2007


Typo3 4.0.6
AWStats 0.10.0

We're hosting +10 sites on one typo3 installation (one database).  The
master typoscript template has the following AWStats configurations.

# Configure AWStats extension
config.stat = 1
config.stat_apache = 1
config.stat_excludeBEuserHits = 1

All the sites inherit the master template as the basis template and also
have their own extension template that specifies where the log file.  For

config.stat_apache_logfile = site8.log

I just noticed one log file stopped growing a couple of days ago.  The
server still has plenty of disk space available.  The log file stopped
growing appears to be the smallest in size compared to the log files of
other sites.  I know the site should get frequent hits everyday.  I also
tried 'tail -f site8.log' (it's a linux typo3 server) and at the same time
clicked the links on the site, but I didn't see my hits were logged in the
site8.log file.  Any ideas what may be wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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