[TYPO3] plaintext newsletter with direct_mail

Thorsten Kahler thorsten.kahler at dkd.de
Mon Apr 23 15:00:58 CEST 2007

Hi Christian,

Christian Hensel wrote on 20.04.2007 18:35:
> hi list,
> german version below:

if you prefer to ask in german there's also a list in german.

> Normal HTML newsletter works quite fine, but the normal text version does 
> not work, as expected:
> http://www1.e-9.ch/index.php?id=160&type=99
> no line breaks, which is certainly a must have in order to be read 
> comfortably.

This is a known bug which is fixed since half a year. Please use the latest
version of direct mail.

> Additionaly my SimulateStatic Setup from the Typo3 Template is ignored as 
> well:
>  ###simulate static##PATH_INFO#
>  simulateStaticDocuments = PATH_INFO
>  simulateStaticDocuments_addTitle = 15
>  simulateStaticDocuments_noTypeIfNoTitle = 1
> Has anyone a hint for me?

Did you prepend "config."? At least it works on my test installation.

> Currently im using the plaintext static template.
> But don't really know, how to configure.

Hmm, it's just a TS template. Read the docs if you want to know how to
configure a TS setup. Or be more specific ;-)


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