[TYPO3] What's the good path for a image ?

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Sun Apr 22 18:14:39 CEST 2007

On Sun, 22 Apr 2007 14:45:23 +0000, Roelof Wobben wrote
with subject "Re: [TYPO3] What's the good path for a image ?":

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> >Hi!
> >
> >Roelof Wobben wrote:
> > > I display my content as a FCE.

give me a hand: what is FCE?
I got a lot of definitions, but I don't think anyone of them has anything
to do with TYPO3, CMS or Webpages.

> > > Now i want to put a picture in one text.
> > >
> > > What's is the good path i have to use in html to find the picture.
> > > The picture can be found in uploads/pics map.
> > > I tried /uploads/pics and uploads/pics but no luck.

if your image is stored in fileadmin you can use 
filadmin/image.jpg or /fileadmin/image.jpg (index.php starts in root, where
the directory 'fileadmin' exists (and also 'uploads')

drawback: if you delete/rename/move this file your links point to nothing.

therefore typo3 has a mechanism to save each used file in uploads/...
files from pages or content (RTE) in subdirectories depending on filetype,
files in fields from extensions in uploads/tx_myextension/...

if you use a file a second time, the original filename is no longer
available for usage in the new path. Every reference gets it's own file, so
the second usage of a file will result in a renamed file.

if you now refer to this files in uploads/... without knowing of TYPO3 you
can loose your link to the image/file like in the first part much easier.
TYPO3 'knows' the usage of a file. If you remove the usage it removes the
copy of the file (without renaming other copies)

And don't try to tamper with files in these directories. You will get lost!



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