[TYPO3] What's the good path for a image ?

Roelof Wobben rwobben at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 22 16:45:23 CEST 2007

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>Roelof Wobben wrote:
> > I display my content as a FCE.
> > Now i want to put a picture in one text.
> >
> > What's is the good path i have to use in html to find the picture.
> > The picture can be found in uploads/pics map.
> > I tried /uploads/pics and uploads/pics but no luck.
>What you are trying to do? Seems like somnething wrong...
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Hello Dmirty,

What im trying to do is to put a image into a text with RTE with just html.
Because i make my text as a FCE ,  no other way to put a image into the 
Therefore i put a <img scr="uploads/test.jgp"> but then i get a red cross.
Therefore i asked where T3 begins the path so i can see the image.
I hope you now better understand what i want.


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