[TYPO3] import/export customer information

Praveen Chakravadhanula praveen at picturesqueweb.com
Sat Apr 21 16:59:53 CEST 2007

hey hi
 i am working on a newsite and this is what i am trying to do
When a customer places a request for a subscription on the Typo3 site
(they don't have an ecommerce program), we need to be able to give the
customer a way to export the customer information to a tab delimited

The customer (newspaper) will then bill the customer or call for credit
card information. The person pays.

We then need a way to import the paid customers. Some of these people
being imported may not be in Typo3 because they responded to a mailing or
other form of marketing. Part of this import will include an approved

is there any way we can create an export/import routine that allows for
this and document how it works. 

thanx a lot in advance and i appreciate it

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