[TYPO3] Advanced Banner Management - SWF Link

Ralf Hettinger ng at ralfhettinger.de
Sat Apr 21 12:45:23 CEST 2007

Hi Peter,

as from my experience, the documentation of macina_banners is not fully up to
date according to the passed parameters to flash for the url handling.

In fact, the macina_banners will urlencode the flash link before it is passed to
the swf - which might result in urls that the swf can't handle without decoding.
Please check the outputted HTML source generated by the extension to be sure.

If you have '%'s in the source which aren't supposed to be in the link - then
that's your problem. To resolve it you may want to either write your own
actionscript in the flash file to urldecode (as far as I know, there's no built
in in flash doing that) or remove the urlencode in the macina_banners pi1 class.


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