[TYPO3] how do we grant instant or a one day pass for new users

Praveen Chakravadhanula praveen at picturesqueweb.com
Fri Apr 20 17:35:06 CEST 2007

hey hi
i am working on a news site. what we are trying to do is , when a customer
subscribes for membership we want to give them instant access or a one day
pass until their membership is confirmed by the site admin. and once the
membership is confirmed they shoud be able to have access for a whole year
. the membership can be renewed every year.

i am using frontend user registration( sr_feuser_register) ext.  i have
already created a usergroup OneDayPass . so that when a new customer signs
up he/she will be automatically placed in this usergroup. my Problem how to
give them access for one day until they are approved by the site admin.

can anyone plz help me out. i am kinda stuck. i really appreciate it .
thanx praveen

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