[TYPO3] LONG: help ! how to get css drop down menus working in typo3 on firefox and internet explorer?

dave typo typothree at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 16:04:52 CEST 2007

the dropdown menus work on an html page in firefox without javascript,
and do not work on a typo3 powered page. However, I am not sure if
typo3 is getting a javascript error, how can I enable them, to check
if javascript errors are occuring?

I have gotten the code to work in FF without javascript, but i think
that might just lead to trouble once within typo3.

so, off subject a little there, but how do i check for javascript errors?



On 4/20/07, Bernd Wilke <xoonsji02 at sneakemail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 14:26:40 +0200, dave typo wrote
> with subject "[TYPO3] LONG: help ! how to get css drop down menus working
> in typo3 on firefox and internet explorer?":
> > Hello all, I have struggled with drop down menus in typo3. So thank
> > you all in advance for your input and experience.
> >
> > How can i get a css based drop down menu to work in typo3? It works
> > completely fine on a regular html page, but once the page is within a
> > typo3 site the dropdown menu no longer works when a user rolls over
> > the visible list (the dropdown menu does still work in opera, but not
> > in firefox or in internet explorer)
> >
> > is there any code that needs to be placed within typo3 to get the css
> > dropdown rollovers to work? Or is it impossible to use css-based drop
> > down menus within typo3?
> >
> depending on your realisation (normaly firefox doesn't need javascript, but
> then you have to double some CSS-declaration) normaly the menu doesn't work
> in IE.
> The hint needed: look wether there is a javascipt-error.
> in some projects the fly-out-menu stopped working at the moment another
> script on the page terminated with an error. no further javascript is
> executed.
> You may configure your browser to ignore errors.
> And: One browser may run smoothly, the other one will stumble over the same
> instructions.
> Changing from a pure html-page to typo3 may include a lot of javascript.
> Look at it.
> Bernd
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