[TYPO3] Linking between languageversions of a page

typo3 at munin.lub.lu.se typo3 at munin.lub.lu.se
Fri Apr 20 12:51:42 CEST 2007

Hi all!

I have a dual-language site which is working fairly well, with one
exception. About 5 percent of the content will only be available
in language A and not in language B, and the design demands that
each page has a direct link to it's "other language" version.

With 'config.sys_language_mode = strict' we get a decent warning
about why one of the 'id=X&L=other_language_id' links doesn't produce
anything, but I'd like to be a bit more polite and only show the link
iff there exists content for the wanted id & language.

So, does anyone have a suggestion on how to do it with TS? I'm short
of ideas on this one... (And yes, I've read the TSref and another load
of manuals and tutorial, which in this case didn't help me).

Best of wishes,

Mattias Borell, Sysadmin/Software Engineer
Library Headoffice, Lund University

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