[TYPO3] Extended calendar, month and event view on same page

Torin Finnemann Jensen ximi at daimi.au.dk
Wed Apr 18 15:36:37 CEST 2007


I'm tuning a website that is using extended calendar, and I would like 
to show the month view in one box on a page and any selected event in a 
different box on the same page.

Doing it naively makes it work somewhat succesfully, however, there are 
a two issues:

A) When no event is selected, some sort of empty "1970 event" is displayed.

B) tx_calendar_pi1[f1]= apparently is used both for selecting the year 
in the month view and for selecting the event by id in the event view.. 
This obviously leads to some odd displays when viewing events, since 
event id is then interpreted as year...

Ideally, when viewing an event, the corresponding (year,month) was 
displayed in the month box and the event in the event box.
And when viewing a specific (year,month) this month is displayed in the 
month box and the first upcoming event (unrelated of selected month) is 
displayed in the event box.

Since Im no good at typoscripting, I would appreciate as much help or 
info on the issue as possible :-) -Is this possible with "extended 
calendar"? -is it not worth the effort? -Is there a guide?

Best regards,
Torin Finnemann Jensen

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