[TYPO3] AWStats files ty

Bing Du bdu at iastate.edu
Tue Apr 17 18:59:00 CEST 2007


Typo3 4.0.6
AWStats 0.10.0

The statistics shown by Tools->AWStats only show HTML in the 'File type'
section on the back end.  How can I enable AWStats to also log and show
other types, like PDF, Doc, etc.?

The stat configurations follow.

config.stat = 1
config.stat_apache = 1
config.stat_apache_logfile = sale.log
config.stat_excludeBEuserHits = 1
config.typeNumList = 0,1

I tried to set config.typeNumList to blank ('config.typeNumList=') in
typoscript object browser.  Unless I misunderstood, the cc_awstats manual
says that would allow AWStats to show all types.  But I didn't see any new
file types show up in the statistics even though I clicked a PDF link
several times on a web page.  I did click 'update now' at the top, by the
way.  So the stats should be current.

A side not. I searched 'awstats' on the typo3-english mailing list on
typo3.org.  The result was 'References: [awstats:0] No document matching
your query'.  That confused me because I thought awstats shouldn't be a
never touched topic.  Searching on other language mailing list seemed to
be fine.  Unfortunately I'm not a speaker of those lanuages.

Any ideas?

Thanks much in advance,


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