[TYPO3] how to pass parameters to tipafriend via typoscript...

Andrew Davis andrew at avagraphique.com
Tue Apr 17 17:37:08 CEST 2007

OK , so on this having issues with placing this in the template... any 
help much appreciated!:

If i do subparts.tip < plugin.tipafriend

it gives me an image from the plugin saying that the "code" isnt set.

I found a page explaining how to place the plugin into ts template here
http://www.typo3journal.com/home/articles/tipafriend-typo3.html (french)

I try that method, and it just outputs nothing to my page... i am 
assuming the issue is with my last step when i substituet a subpart?!

my code goes like this

temp.tipafriend = USER
temp.tipafriend {
   userFunc = tx_tipafriend->main_tipafriend
   templateFile = 
   code = TIPLINK
   typolink.parameter = 878

# Marqueur dans le gabarit TS
marks.ENVOYERAMI < temp.tipafriend

temp.bodyTemplate {

   # Feeding the content from the Auto-parser to the TEMPLATE cObject:
   template =< plugin.tx_automaketemplate_pi1

   # Select only the content between the <body>-tags
   workOnSubpart = DOCUMENT_BODY

   # Substitute the ###menu_1### subpart:
   subparts.menu_1 < temp.menu_1

   #Left subparts
   subparts.leftcolumn < styles.content.getLeft

   # Substitute the ###content### subpart:
   subparts.content < styles.content.get

   #this does something at least, but wants a CODE parameter
   #subparts.tip < plugin.tipafriend

   #this does no output
   subparts.tip < marks.ENVOYERAMI


Thanks in advance for any help
Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis wrote:
> ah, i find that it is
> subparts.print < plugin.tipafrind
> no i just need to fiure how to set dom of the needed parameters.
> does anyone have a manual for tipafriend? the one in the ter seems t be 
> corrupted... a pdf would be even better!
> thanks!
> Andrew

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