[TYPO3] additional parans in typolink...

Andrew Davis andrew at avagraphique.com
Tue Apr 17 00:26:53 CEST 2007

Hi, I am trying to make a link for the tip a friend extension, which i 
have setup and seems to work.

my link generates, but the additionalParams d not get added to the url. 
I am using REALURL but that shouldn't make a difference should it?

temp.tip = TEXT
temp.tip.value = Email a friend
    10 = TEXT
    10.value = &tipUrl=
    20 = TEXT
    20.data = getIndpEnv: TYPO3_REQUEST_URL


I poked around the newsgroups and read the typolink page

but i think im missing something...

any help much appreciated

andrew davis

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