[TYPO3] Accessing backend-module class from other backend-module?

Mathias Gisch m.gisch at mx.uni-saarland.de
Sun Apr 15 11:21:37 CEST 2007


i am looking for a solution for the following problem: I am using the 
extension ttnews_feeder. I am also writing my own extension including a 
backend module, which is supposed to use function of the class 
tx_ttnewsfeeder_module1. What is the best way to use this class?
Including the ttnews_feeder/mod1/index.php file with require_once 
doesn't work, since it will output the ttnews_feeder backend module 
above / before my module. So the only way I can think of is to parse the 
  ttnews_feeder/mod1/index.php and inlcude the tx_ttnewsfeeder_moudle1 
class with eval() after extracting it.

Do you have a better idea. Extending tx_ttnewsfeeder_module1 is not an 

Thanks for your help. Regards,


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