[TYPO3] mm_forum extension

Franz Koch typo at fx.MINUS.graefix.DOT.de
Fri Apr 13 22:30:54 CEST 2007

Hi Björn,

yes - finally it's there :)

> we have just finished an alpha version of our 'mm_forum' extension. In 
> the first step you can download this alpha Version on typo3.net. It will 
> be avaivable in the extension manager soon, but at first we would like 
> to fix the major comming bugs :-)
> Project-Page: http://www.typo3.net/mmforum/

first bug would be a not working link: "Error. Reason: Segment "mmforum" was not a keyword for a postVarSet as expected!" ;)

> It would give us great pleasure to get feedbacks an bug reports ;-)

As I'm waiting for this for about 1,5 years now I try to do my best and test is as soon as I can, but unfortunately I'm quite busy currently and go on vacation in 4 weeks. I'll do my best to contribute.

Thanks for your work!
Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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